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If I could only turn the Etch-a-Sketch of my life upside-down. – Dr. Lynda J. Barry

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  • Maugham, W. Somerset: Ashenden: or, The British Agent (Fiction)
  • Dolin, Eric Jay: Fur, Fortune, and Empire (History)
  • Heinlein, Robert A.: The Door Into Summer (Fiction)
  • Kerr, Philip: Prussian blue (Fiction)


Albums of the Year

Guided by Voices Space Gun
Rolling Blackouts C.F. The French Press
Dane Rudhyar Four Pentagrams; Paeans; Granites; Prophetic Rite
ZNR C'est de nouveau les vacances!

Song of the Moment

  • I'll Make You Sorry (Screaming Females)

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Aram Khachaturian Piano Sonata (1961): II. Andante tranquillo Piano Music
Aram Khachaturian Piano Sonata (1961): III. Allegro assai Piano Music
Aram Khachaturian Piano Sonata (1961): I. Allegro vivace Piano Music
Aram Khachaturian Toccata Piano Music
Leo Ornstein 6 Water Colors, SO. 67  
Leo Ornstein Memories From Childhood  
Leo Ornstein Nocturne and Dance of the Fates  
Beatnik Flimstars 50/50 Split Beezer
Jethro Tull Heavy Horses Heavy Horses
Gentle Giant As Old as You're Young The Missing Piece


Carefully I test
My plan, it is
Good enough, it is


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