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If I could only turn the Etch-a-Sketch of my life upside-down. – Dr. Lynda J. Barry

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  • Benford, Gregory: Artifact (Fiction)
  • Cross, Debbie: Down the Badger Hole: R. Lionel Fanthorpe: The Badger Years (Literary Criticism / Humor)
  • Frank, Pat: An Affair of State (Fiction)


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  • I'll Make You Sorry (Screaming Females)

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Plastic Bertrand Ça Plane Pour Moi An 1
Richard Harris MacArthur Park A Tramp Shining
Michael Jackson Remember the Time Dangerous
Gentle Giant For Nobody The Missing Piece [Remastered]
Gentle Giant Winning The Missing Piece [Remastered]
Gentle Giant Memories Of Old Days The Missing Piece [Remastered]
Gentle Giant As Old As You're Young The Missing Piece [Remastered]
Leo Ornstein Nocturne and Dance of the Fates  
Leo Ornstein Memories From Childhood  
Dane Rudhyar Three Melodies  


Petrels cannot abide the least gaucherie.


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