World Trade Organization (WTO) Panel Decisions

Electronic Sources

  1. Dispute Settlement (World Trade Organization (WTO) page for full texts of Panel Reports, Appellate Body Reports, Arbitrator's Reports, Mutually Acceptable Solutions, and other decisions; link was
  2. ("The Online Source for World Trade Law"; enables full text search of GATT/WTO Panel and Appellate Body reports)
  3. Dispute Settlement (Organization of American States Trade Unit's Foreign Trade Information System = Sistema de Información al Comercio Exterior page containing full text of WTO Adopted Panel Reports, Appellate Body Reports, Arbitrator's Reports and Mutually Acceptable Solutions (1996 - 1998); also includes GATT, NAFTA, and Andean Community decisions)
  4. LEXIS (the INTLAW and ITRADE libraries, GTTWTO file includes WTO panel decisions through August 31, 1998 - from an October 29, 1998 search; was at
  5. WESTLAW (the WTO-DEC database includes WTO panel decisions through October 26, 1998 from an October 29, 1998 search)
  6. American Society of International Law, Basic Documents of International Economic Law (on LEXIS in the INTLAW library, BDIEL file and called "International Economic Law Documents" on WESTLAW in the IEL database) only includes pre-1998 WTO panel decisions as of an October 29, 1998 search.
  7. American Society of International Law's bimonthly International Legal Materials is on WESTLAW as the ILM database and in LEXIS' INTLAW library, ILM file; an October 29, 1998 search retrieved retrieved 2 WTO panel reports in ILM for 1998.
  8. World Trade Online (electronic version of Inside Washington's Inside U.S. Trade newsletter including back issues for the past 5 years; includes some full text documents, but does not systematically reproduce WTO panel reports)
  9. Basic Instruments and Selected Documents on CD-ROM (Lanham, MD: Bernan Press; Geneva: World Trade Organization, 1998- )(includes full text of the GATT BISD set in electronic format; will include WTO panel reports?)

Print Sources

  1. World Trade and Arbitration Materials (Jacques Werner ed.; The Hague: Kluwer Law International, 1994- ). Bimonthly journal which seems to be the most up-to-date source for the full text of WTO panel decisions (Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) and Appellate Body (AB)) in paper/print format. Formed by the union of World Trade Materials and Arbitration Materials (Geneva, Switzerland: Werner Pub. Co.).
  2. Handbook of WTO/GATT Dispute Settlement (Pierre Pescatore, William J. Davey & Andreas Lowenfeld eds., Transnational Publishers, 1991- )(ISBN: 1-57105-032-9). Includes full text of WTO/GATT panel reports. Kept up-to-date by looseleaf supplements.
  3. The International Trade Law Reports (London : Cameron May, 1996- )(ISSN: 1364-9205). Looseleaf including decisions of the World Trade Organization panels and the Appellate Body.
  4. Law and Practice of the World Trade Organization (Joseph F. Dennin ed., New York: Oceana Publications, 1996- )(ISBN: 0379213583). Looseleaf service includes Dispute Resolution binders containing WTO panel reports).
  5. World Trade Organization, Basic Instruments and Selected Documents (WTO BISD forthcoming?).
  6. World Trade Organization, World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Decisions : Bernan's Annotated Reporter (Lanham, Md. : Bernan Press, 1998- )(ISBN: 0890591067; 0890591059)(v. 1. Decisions reported January 29, 1996- February 25, 1997 -- v. 2. Decisions reported February 26, 1997-May 31, 1997). Additional volumes forthcoming in early 1999.


  1. John Howard Jackson, Jurisprudence of GATT and the WTO (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000)(ISBN: 0521620562). 500p.
  2. WTO/GATT Research (research guide by Jeanne Rehberg, New York University School of Law, October 15, 1999; includes links on dispute settlement).

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