Fundamentals of Treaty Research:
U.S. and Non-U.S. (Electronic Resources)
by Lyonette Louis-Jacques

Special Libraries Association
Annual Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana
"Fundamentals of Treaty Research", June 8, 1998
Panel sponsored by Oceana Publications, Inc.

Updated on 27 June 2001.

Research Guides

Some basic steps to take in using electronic resources to find treaties:

Treaties to Which the United States is a Party

United States Treaty Collections: General

United States Treaty Collections: Topical

United States Treaty Indexes and Status Updating Sources

Treaty Interpretation: "Legislative History"

Treaty Interpretation: Cases

United States Practice of International Law

United States Treaty News and Commentary

Treaties to Which the United States May Not Be a Party

Non-U.S. Treaty Collections: General

Non-U.S. Treaty Indexes: Multilateral

Non-U.S. Treaty Collections: Regional

Non-U.S. Treaty Collections: Bilateral

Non-U.S. Treaty Indexes: Bilateral

Non-U.S. Treaty Collections: Topical

Non-U.S. Treaty Ratification

Treaty Interpretation: Cases

National Treaty Practice

Non-U.S. Treaty News and Commentary

Please contact Lyonette Louis-Jacques at with any questions, comments, or suggestions related to electronic resources for treaty research. Updated 27 June 2001.