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"Law Lists" is a compilation of electronic discussion groups (Internet listservs and Usenet newsgroups), newsletters, journals, etc., related to law. It is maintained by Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Foreign and International Law Librarian and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago (

The browseable text of "Law Lists" was last updated on 23 February 1998. This page enables you to do a keyword search of the "Law Lists" from a continually updated (post-2/98) file. For more information about searching the "Law Lists", and accessing the full text of "Lyo's Law Lists", please read the README file.

Search: refugee: (Amnesty International News Service; list for news and press releases issued by Amnesty International's International Secretariat; includes news related to human rights, refugees/asylum-seekers, prisoners, etc.)

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subscribe amnesty-l (related web site at and (Amnesty International International Secretariat list for dissemination of the AI INDEX and other news related to human rights, refugees/asylum-seekers, prisoners, etc.)

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subscribe amnesty-l (related site at and (Belgium-based Legal Aspects of Asylum and Refugee Status list; international migration law; immigration; asylum-seekers/refugees)

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subscribe asylum-L (related pages at and - the Refugee and Asylum Law Page; see also StateWatch for immigration and asylum sources at

ELECTRONIC IMMIGRATION NETWORK (UK Asylum and Refugee Law Newsletter and web site; a related list is ASYLUM-L on (discussion on the problem of refugees and other victims of forced migration or involuntary resettlement, including those of development projects which lead to their forcible uprooting; asylum and refugee law; immigration) (H-Net American ethnic & immigration and emigration history; moderated list; refugees/asylum-seekers; was on

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IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION SERVICE COMMUNIQUE (monthly newsletter on immigration, asylum, and refugee law; a related list is IMMPROF on; issues available as PDF files)

IMMIGRATION BRIEFINGS (Federal Publications Inc.; chronological list of articles by title and author; U.S. immigration and nationality law; asylum and refugees; a related list is IMMPROF on

IMMIGRATION COMMUNIQUE (Federal Publications Inc. newsletter on immigration, nationality, asylum and refugee law; also includes tables of contents of _Interpreter Releases_; related list is IMMPROF on (Immigration Law Professors list; subscription subject to approval by listowner; discussion of teaching and scholarship issues; immigration, nationality, asylum, refugee law)

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subscribe immprof Your Name (related page at

*INSTITUTE FOR GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS/Association for Progressive Communications Networks--PeaceNet, EcoNet, ConflictNet, LaborNet, and WomensNet--contain conferences on human rights in Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Americas, European, the Middle East and North Africa, indigenous peoples, conflict resolution, environmental law, prisons, immigration, development, children, women/feminism, refugees/asylum, international law, minority rights, NGOs, racism and xenophobia, migration, United Nations, Amnesty International, Central and Latin America, torture, Statewatch, labor, workers' rights, unions, Tibet - see the page at; unlike the Internet, there is a cost to accessing these networks for academics--after a $15 sign-up fee, the monthly subscription is $10 (the fee might be higher now); to find out more information about these networks, use the Institute for Global Communications' gopher (gopher or contact (outside of the U.S., use; for information about the PeaceNet World News Service, contact

gopher:// or (human rights e-conferences)

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REFUGEE LAW (quarterly periodical on Asylum and Refugee Law edited by Guy S. Goodwin-Gill and published by Oxford University Press; web site includes table of contents and abstracts of articles of IJRL issues beginning with v.8 (1996) and provides possibility of subscribing to the REFLAW-TOC list to receive new tables of contents via e-mail); immigration law; international migration law; a related list is ASYLUM-L on

INTERPRETER RELEASES (Federal Publications Inc. publication containing news of legislative, administrative, and judicial developments on U.S. immigration, nationality, asylum, and refugee law; related list is IMMPROF on (Immigration and Nationality Law; American Bar Association; international law; asylum and refugee)

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subscribe intimmigration (related page at and

LCHR-NEWS-ASYLUM (open, moderated, read-only list providing press releases and other information about the Asylum project of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights; refugees; see also LCHR-NEWS, LCHR-NEWS-ASIA, LCHR-NEWS-BAR (Bar Associations), LCHR-NEWS-DC (Washington, D.C. Asylum Program), LCHR-NEWS-EUROPE (Europe/Central Asia), LCHR-NEWS-IFI (International Financial Institutions/World Bank), LCHR-NEWS-LAC (Latin America/Caribbean), LCHR-NEWS-LTOL (Lawyer-to-Lawyer Program), LCHR-NEWS-MENA (Middle East and North Africa); international law; immigration)

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subscribe lchr-news-asylum (related pages at or and (International Migration list; refugees; asylum-seekers)

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MIGRATION NEWS (summaries of current immigration and integration developments worldwide, including European asylum and refugee law; archived at gopher:// and at

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MIGRATION NEWS SHEET (Migration Policy Group; immigration, asylum, and refugee law, including European countries; related lists are IMMPROF on and ASYLUM-L on (National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights; refugees; asylum-seekers; immigration law)

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subscribe nnirr-news (related pages at or (e-mail alert network of the United States Committee for Refugees (USCR); covering the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced persons worldwide; forced migration; international law; immigration law; includes news of latest action items and issues worldwide)

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(web-based subscription form at and related page at (asylum; immigration law; international law; subscription costs at

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