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Canadian Council on International Law

1996 Conference: Fostering Compliance in International Law

October 17-19, 1996, Ottawa (Ontario), Canada

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Surfing the International Law Net
and Other Research Ventures:
Key Resources on the Internet
for International Law Research

Lyonette Louis-Jacques
Foreign and International Law Librarian and Lecturer in Law
University of Chicago Law School, D'Angelo Law Library

GREAT NEWS!Canadian Council on International Law = Conseil canadien de droit international (new web site; also Conference: October 16-18, 1997, Ottawa = Congres : les 16-18 octobre 1997, Ottawa)

NEW!Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet (check here for updated links, 1997 to present)

Table of Contents

Selected Major Web Sites

Public International Law (Francis Auburn, The University of Western Australia)

International Law and Human Rights (Chris Ingelse, University of Maastricht; includes European Court of Human Rights)

Informations Juridiques sur Internet (Universite Catholique de Louvain, Faculte de Droit)

Jurweb: Legal Information in the Internet (Myroslav Munzer, University of Bayreuth)

U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library (Elliot Chabot)

Virtual Canadian Law Library (University of Montreal)(includes link to the Canada Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) web site)

Law Lists: Legal and Non-Legal WWW Resources for Canadian Lawyers (Judith Bower)

Foreign and International Law (University of Chicago)(includes U.S. Department of State, USTR, USITC, law links for selected foreign countries, etc.)

International Law (Yale Law School, Lillian Goldman Library)

ForInt-Law (Jie Su, Washburn University Law School)

Guide to Online Law (U.S. Law Library of Congress)(includes link to GLIN, the Global Legal Information Network, index and abstracts of national legislation, particularly of Spanish-speaking countries)

Legal Information Institute (Cornell)

World Wide Web Virtual Library for Law (Indiana)

FindLaw (law-specific index to Internet resources)

Yahoo "Law" links (catalog of Internet resources)

International Organizations

United Nations (UN Charter, Statute of the ICJ, resolutions, reports, and other key documents; also link to the United Nations Treaty Data Base, up-to-date electronic version of Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General)

International Court of Justice (Statute, judgments, advisory opinions, orders; also "Germain's ICJ Research Guide")

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (includes links official documents of the UNHCR and national legal information via REFWORLD)

World Trade Organization (includes dispute settlement news and reports)

European Union

Court of Justice of the European Communities (all languages)

Council of Europe (news, texts adopted, and other info; Civnet includes texts of major conventions)

Organization of American States (OAS Charter, information about treaties, resolutions, etc.)

Yahoo "International Organizations" links

Miscellaneous Other Sites

American Society of International Law (includes Paul Zarins' ASIL Newsletter column, "What's Online on International Law")

International Law Students Association (ILSA)(includes Jessup Moot Court problem)

European Law Students' Association (ELSA)

International Constitutional Law (includes constitutional court cases)

University of Minnesota Human Rights Web (including war crimes tribunals links, bibliographies, etc.)

Multilateral Treaties (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy)

Diplomacy and International Affairs Hypertext Information System (Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, Malta)(includes texts of treaties)

The Avalon Project (Yale Law School)(includes historic documents relevant to the fields of law, economics, politics, diplomacy and government, such as Nuremberg War Crimes Trials documents)

International Trade Law Project (University of Tromso Law Faculty)

Books, Databases, and Library Catalogs

Legal Publishers

Library Catalogs

Journals and Periodical Indexes

Law Journals (including international)

UnCover (index to about 17,000 journals)

Major Listservs and Usenet Newsgroups (Electronic Discussion Groups) (American Society of International Law, International Economic Law Interest Group)

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European Union and law of individual countries of Europe)

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subscribe int-law (International Justice Watch; International War Crimes Tribunals - Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, and related topics such as contemporary armed conflicts, international humanitarian law, genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes generally, international criminal law; forum includes daily news and serious discussions, including of the crisis in Kosovo)

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Discussion Group Archives (& "Lyo's Law Lists")

International News Sources

World News


Martindale-Hubbell International Law Directory

West's Legal Directory

Other directories

Research Guides

Research Guide to International Law on the Internet (Massimo Magagni, Universita di Bologna)

Brief Guide to Public International Law Research (Queens University)

Researching Indigenous Peoples Rights Under International Law (Steven C. Perkins)

United Nations Scholars WorkStation (Yale University)

European Union Internet Resources (University of California, Berkeley, Library)

List of Law-Related Internet Books and Newsletters (G. Burgess Allison)

Internet Catalogs and Search Engines (Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista, etc.)

1996 Supplement, A Guide to Internet and Commercial Online Research (Charlottesvile, Va.: Michie, 1996)(supplement to Guide to International Legal Research published by the George Washington University Journal of International Law and Economics). 335p.

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