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State Bar of California, International Law Section
Teleseminar Series: January 22, 1997 Session (Updated 24 June 2003)
Speakers: Lyonette Louis-Jacques; Guy Alvarez

Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet

Lyonette Louis-Jacques
Foreign and International Law Librarian and Lecturer in Law
University of Chicago Law School, D'Angelo Law Library

Table of Contents

Sample Pages

Selected Major Web Sites

International Organizations

Government Agencies

Miscellaneous Other Sites

International Law Conferences/Events Calendars

Publishers and Vendors


Library Catalogs

Online Bookstores

Articles, Journals, and Periodical Indexes

Legal Abbreviations (Templeman Library, Kent Law School; Sarah Carter)

Legal Abbreviations (Sweet & Maxwell)

Selected Legal Abbreviations (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS))

Law Reports and Abbreviations Database (UNSW Law Library)

International Law and Relations Journals are online in full text in the following databases: LEXIS, WESTLAW, Hein-on-Line, Cambridge Journals Online, Kluwer Online, Oxford Online Journals, JSTOR (includes history and political journals), CatchWord, Ingenta, ProQuest, Dow Jones Interactive, EBSCOhost's Academic Search Elite)

Columbia International Affairs Online (full text of conference papers, working papers, etc.)

Foreign Affairs Envoy: An Index to the International Affairs Literature

   Contents and abstracts of the leading journals, including current and
   past issues of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, International
   Organization, International Security, The National Interest, World
   Policy Journal and World Politics; lists of new and recent books on
   International Affairs; search of the leading journals by subject;
   link to reference documents as compiled in the Foreign Policy
   Bulletin; special research guides/"folders" on the Economic Crisis
   in Asia, NATO Enlargement, Landmine Ban, and Hong Kong 1997; links
   to upcoming conferences related to International Affairs.

Peace Palace Library (Bibliotheek Vredespaleis; indexes articles from the Peace Palace Library's strong collection of international law journals)

European Journal of International Law (EJIL; full text of all the volumes via the Academy of European Law Online)

International Law Journals (links via the University of Chicago Law School page, including the newly launched Chicago Journal of International Law (CJIL; first issue published April 2000))

Gary Hufbauer, Does International Law Matter to Congress?: Economic Sanctions (92nd Annual Meeting, American Society of International Law, Washington D.C., April 4, 1998)

American Journal of International Law (available in full text online from v.1, 1907 to v.88, 1994 via the JSTOR subscription service; tables of contents of recent issues available from the American Society of International Law)

International Organization (scholarly journal of international affairs published by MIT Press available in full text online from volumes 1-47, 1947-1993 via the JSTOR subscription service)

Recueil des Cours ("Collected Courses" of the Hague Academy of International Law - tables of contents of v.1 (1923) to v.269 (1997) and thereafter)

United Nations Law Reports ("Unofficial Reports Concerning Legal Matters in the United Nations"; tables of contents of issues; subscription newsletter)

International Law Update (Washington, D.C. : Transnational Law Associates, Vol. 1 (Oct. 1995)- ; ISSN: 1089-5450; "a monthly report on public and private international legal developments - reports on "treaties, cases, statutes and regulations of special interest to U.S. lawyers and clients; web site includes sample issues, the cumulative table of contents for 1997, and information on upcoming international conferences and related events; subscription newsletter; also online on WESTLAW as the INTLLUP database and on LEXIS in the INTLAW Library and ILAWUP file, from October 1995 to the present)

Human Rights Brief ("A Legal Resource for the International Human Rights Community"; full text of this newsletter available online beginning with v.1, #1, Spring 1994)

Nuclear Law Bulletin (full text of OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) bulletin from 1968, no.1 through 1997, no.60 in PDF format, include Supplements with English translations of nuclear legislation worldwide and cumulative index)

The New York Review of Books (includes the full texts of articles from 1995 to the present and selected articles from before 1995 related to human rights, war crimes, etc.)

Selected International Law E-Journals and Newsletters (see also ASCII Text File, section 16, "Selected Electronic Newsletters and Journals")

Electronic Law Journals and Law Reports (Institute for Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) "Internet Resources for Law"; includes links to full texts, abstracts, and tables of contents of journals)

SRDI (Sommaires des Revues de Droit International = Summaries of Contents of International Law Journals by Christophe Nouzha)

Harvard Jean Monnet Table of Contents Service (covers about 101 journals published in nine languages and 14 countries; started in Spring 1999 as a current awareness service mainly covering European Integration journals in the areas of law and human rights; as of February 2000, has extended coverage to economics, history and political sciences journals and called European Integration Current Contents; contents of journals newly arrived at the Harvard Law School and European University Institute (EUI) libraries?; a service of The Academy of European Law at the EUI in Florence, the EU Center at Harvard and the Harvard Jean Monnet Chair; updated every two weeks; useful as a index to European law journals)

Contents Pages from Law Reviews (Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas at Austin Law School; "this service provides an online version of the contents pages from more than 750 law reviews and other scholarly journals related to the law published in the United States and abroad; the files are updated daily and are very current-- the contents pages from a journal issue will appear in this listing the day following its receipt by the Tarlton Law Library; only journal issues received during the past three months are listed; the contents of less recent issues are available through the commercial indexing services")

PCI Full Text (Chadwyck-Healey Periodical Contents Index searchable tables of contents including over 114 law journals from 1770 to 1995 with full text for a few such as Foreign Affairs and Journal of International Affairs)

Financial Times' Global Archives (; search of articles from 3,000 periodicals worldwide)

SmartCILP (customized e-mail service of Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP); can include journals covering foreign and international law topics)

International Law Journals (FindLaw)

Legal Scholarship on the WWW (annotated subject index to legal essays on the Web provided by the Faculty of Law, Cambridge University; this list of "Legal Journals Indexed by Subject" (44 subjects) includes a paragraph abstracting/summarizing each journal article with links to full texts; topics include Comparative Law, European Union Law, Human Rights, Immigration, Indigenous Peoples, International Law, Maritime and International Trade Law, Roman Law)

Searchable Tables of Contents of Kluwer Journals (covers from about 1995 to date; includes Kluwer Online law journals)

Law Journals on the World-Wide-Web (Faculty of Law, Cambridge University)

Legal Journals on the Web (York University Law Library)

Electronic Legal Journals (York University Law Library e-journal links)

Law Journals Online (University of Toronto list of journals on LEXIS, WESTLAW, QUICKLAW, the Internet)

Law Journals (including international; see also Hieros Gamos and WashLaw pages)

2001 On-Line Directory of Law Reviews and Scholarly Legal Periodicals (compiled by Michael H. Hoffheimer, Professor of Law, University of Mississippi; Anderson Publishing; includes International and Comparative Law Reviews and Human Rights Law Reviews; see also Professor Rick Bales' Law Review Electronic Submission Listing for general law reviews e-mail addresses; there's a 2002 print edition of Anderson's Directory of Law Reviews)

ASILEX (Publications Database of the American Society of International Law; searchable bibliography/index of ASIL periodical publications such as the American Journal of International Law and International Legal Materials - 1990-2001 and Books and Occasional Papers - 1964-2001)

Public International Law: A Current Bibliography of Books and Articles (Max-Planck Institute, Heidelberg; journal)

Acquisitions List (Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG)'s list of books and articles by subject archived from 14 October 1997 to date; serves as a current index to journal articles on international law; see also Monthly Bibliography from January 1998 to date)

European Commission Library Catalogue (indexes journal articles related to European law and international law - limit "Document type" to "Article" in your search)

RAVE (Rechtsprechung und Aufsätze zum Völker- und Europarecht = Decisions and Journal Articles on Public International Law and European Law; systematic/classified and alphabetical subject, and keyword searchable index to articles in selected law journals, with links to related web sites; was at

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP; access to this RLG EUREKA subscription database is limited to University of Chicago faculty, students, and staff; the IFLP indexes articles as well as book reviews from more than 450 legal periodicals, including journals, essay collections, festschrifts, and congress reports from 1985 to the present; it covers international law (public and private), comparative law, and municipal law of countries other than the United States, British Isles, and British Commonwealth; up-to-date list of periodicals indexed by IFLP available via the University of California Berkeley Boalt Hall Law Library web page)

LegalTrac (an InfoTrac database indexing Anglo-American law reviews, including those covering foreign, comparative, and international law; also called Legal Resource Index (LRI on WESTLAW and in the LEXIS LAWREV library, IGLIND file)

Legal Journals Index (LJI on WESTLAW; index to British journals, including those covering European law and foreign, comparative, and international law)

Social Sciences Citation Index (an ISI Web of Science/Web of Knowledge database that covers Law and Political Science journals including articles on international law and international relations from 1956 to date)

Political Science and Government Abstracts (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) service indexing worldwide political science journals beginning in 1975; also indexes web resources)

PAIS International (access to this OCLC FirstSearch subscription database limited to University of Chicago; PAIS International corresponds to the print publications PAIS Bulletin, PAIS Foreign Language Index, and PAIS International in Print, and also includes the Periodicals/Publishers Directory; database consists of records representing articles, books, conference proceedings, government documents, book chapters, and statistical directories in the area of public affairs; topics covered include business, government, international relations, banking, environment, health, social sciences, demographics, law and legislation, political science, public administration, finance, agriculture, education, statistics, and more; abstracts are included for most records since 1985; coverage starts from 1972-date)

UnCover/Ingenta (index to about 17,000 journals, including law-related ones; Ingenta provides full text for some journals)

Law Journal Tables of Contents (Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas at Austin)

SCAD Plus (European Union publication indexing documents and journal articles worldwide, including law journals - see SCAD DATABASE at bottom of page)

Index to Israeli Legal Periodicals (references to legal articles from 1976 to the present, in Hebrew and English; including articles on Human Rights, International Law, etc.; can also access via telnet from the Law Library, Bar Ilan University, from the ALEPH computerized catalog)

Contemporary Women's Issues (health and human rights related articles and books - full text)

International Bibliography of Periodical Literature (IBZ-Online; Internationale Bibliographie der Zeitschriftenliteratur - indexes journal articles from over 11,000 English and European periodicals, books, and dissertations; coverage begins with 1984)

Major Listservs and Usenet Newsgroups (Electronic Discussion Groups) (American Society of International Law list for members of the Interest Group on Teaching International Law; formerly Innovations in International Legal Education, then Innovations in Teaching International Law until March 1999; was ASIL-INNOVATIONS on until February 2000; related page at (American Society of International Law list restricted to members of the Interest Group on International Environmental Law; to subscribe, send e-mail to with only the following text in the body of the message:

     subscribe asiliel Your Name (American Society of International Law, International Economic Law Interest Group; to subscribe, send e-mail to with only the following text in the body of the message:

     subscribe asilielg (Legal Aspects of Asylum and Refugee Law; to subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to (All EUROpean Legal Information EXchange; European Union and law of individual countries of Europe; to subscribe, send e-mail to with only the following text in the body of the message:

     subscribe euro-lex Your Name (Foreign, Comparative, and International Legal Resources; was on until 30 April 1998; to subscribe, send e-mail to with only the following text in the body of the message:

n     subscribe int-law (Foreign, Comparative, and International Legal Resources; started on 30 April 1998; subscribers receive 1 message a day containing a batch of all the messages posted that day with all the subject headers/topics for the messages included at the beginning of the digest; to subscribe, send e-mail to with only the following text in the body of the message:

     subscribe int-law-digest (International Justice Watch List; includes news and discussions of the international war crimes tribunals for former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, the International Criminal Court, the crisis in Kosovo, and related topics - international criminal law, international humanitarian law, human rights; subscription upon approval of listowners; intended for serious discussions; to subscribe, send e-mail to with only the following text in the body of the message:

     subscribe justwatch-l Your Name (Tribunal Watch; International War Crimes Tribunals - Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda; see also the JUSTWATCH-L list above; was on; to subscribe, send e-mail to with only the following text in the body of the message:

     subscribe twatch-l Your Name

Discussion Group Archives (& "Lyo's Law Lists")

International Legal News Sources

International Law in Brief (weekly electronic newsletter covering developments in international law, including summaries of judicial and other decisions (with hypertext links to full texts), prepared by the Attorney-Editors of International Legal Materials, a publication of the American Society of International Law)

International Law Update (Washington, D.C. : Transnational Law Associates, Vol. 1 (Oct. 1995)- ; ISSN: 1089-5450; "a monthly report on public and private international legal developments - reports on "treaties, cases, statutes and regulations of special interest to U.S. lawyers and clients; web site includes sample issues, the cumulative table of contents for 1997, and information on upcoming international conferences and related events; subscription newsletter; also online on WESTLAW as the INTLLUP database and on LEXIS in the INTLAW Library and ILAWUP file, from October 1995 to the present)

West's Case Updates: International Law (twice-monthly summaries of important legal cases related to international law in the United States)

TRANSLEX: Transnational Law Exchange (newsletter on international legal developments; web site includes tables of contents and selected full texts)

United Nations Law Reports ("Unofficial Reports Concerning Legal Matters in the United Nations"; newsletter; web site has tables of contents of back issues from June 1, 1998 to date)

UN Daily Highlights ("A World of News from the World Organization"; brief press news summaries)

UN Wire ("An Independent News Briefing About the United Nations", provided by the United Nations Foundation)

World Justice Information Network (WJIN; includes international criminal justice-related news)

World News Connection (subscription service intended to be the electronic version of the U.S. Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports)

World News

World Legal News (JURIST Law Professors' Network)

Washington File (provides United States Government official texts, policy statements and interpretive material, features, and byline articles prepared daily by the United States Information Agency (USIA); includes foreign and international news on international security, economic issues, democracy and human rights, etc.)

Documents in the News: Current Events Research (University of Michigan Documents Center)

Selected International Law E-Journals and E-Newsletters


Research Centers, Institutes, Schools (including Working Papers)

Research Guides

  1. Research Guide to International Law on the Internet (Massimo Magagni, Universita di Bologna)
  2. Special Topics: International Law (United Nations Documentation: Research Guide, Dag Hammarskjöld Library)
  3. The United Nations System Pathfinder (UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library; "a tool to [find] major publications printed and electronic of the organizations of the United Nations system [such as] global studies and reports, handbooks, guides, bibliographies, statistical publications, treaty compilations and selected annual reports; [includes] links to Internet versions of listed publications")
  4. Using League of Nations Documents and Publications (Mike McCaffrey-Noviss, abbreviated version of the chapter on the League of Nations in International Information (Peter Hajnal ed., 2d ed., Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1997))
  5. It's NOT Mission Impossible: Researching and Preparing a Persuasive Written and Oral Argument for International Law Moot Court Students (April 6, 2001 presentation by Jean Davis and Diane Edelman to the International Law Students Association (ILSA))
  6. Introduction to International Law Research (Jean Davis and Victoria Szymczak, Brooklyn Law School, February 2000)
  7. Conducting Research in Public International Law: An Introduction to the Information Resources (George Middeldorp, Universiteit Utrecht, Jurisdische Bibliotheek, The Netherlands; see also "Topical Issues" near the bottom of the Public International Law page for links related to hot issues in the news: Iraq, Pinochet, Kosovo, Lockerbie, International Criminal Court, Eritrea-Yemen Arbitration)
  8. Research Guide to International Resources (William R. Slomanson; online text of Appendix to Fundamental Perspectives on International Law (3d ed., West Group/Wadsworth, 2000); includes extensive links to International Web Sites)
  9. Droit international public (Denis Le May, Bibliothèque de l'Université de Laval; public international law - page in French)
  10. Overview: International Law (collection of links arranged by the subject classification system/outline used in the Public International Law bibliography published by the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg, Germany)
  11. Researching International Law (Nicholas Pengelley, Monash University Law Library)
  12. International Law Dictionary and Directory (Ray August, Washington State University)
  13. Definitions of Treaty Terms:
  14. Definitions of Latin Terms Used in International Law:
  15. Background Sources on International Law:
  16. International Law Casebooks
  17. Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law (American Society of International Law; Chapters: An Introduction to the ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law (ERG) and Researching International Law on the Internet (Marci Hoffman and Jill Watson), Human Rights (Marci Hoffman), Treaties (Jill Watson), United Nations (Paul Zarins), Lists, Newsgroups, and Other Electronic Networks (Lyonette Louis-Jacques), International Environmental Law (Anne Burnett), International Criminal Law (Gail Partin), Private International Law (David A. Levy), International Economic Law (Jean M. Wenger), International Commercial Arbitration (Charlotte Bynum))
  18. Presentations from Oceana's "The Future of International Legal Resources...It's the Web" (Special Library Association (SLA) International Law Roundtable, June 1999):
  19. Brief Guide to Public International Law Research (Queens University)
  20. International Law: The Online Casebook (Professor Gaubatz, PS 142K: Introduction to International Law, Stanford)
  21. International Law: A Canadian Dimension (Queens University - full text coursebook)
  22. JURIST: The Law Professors' Network (International and Comparative Law course and home pages)
  23. Electronic Media in International Legal Research (Mary Whisner, for Oceana Publications, Inc. program)
  24. Foreign and International Law Resources on the Internet: Annotated (Jean Wenger, Cornell University Law Library)
  25. Introduction to International Legal Research (Marci Hoffman, Georgetown University Law Center)
  26. Researching Foreign and Comparative Law (Marci Hoffman, Georgetown University Law Center)
  27. Guide to International and Foreign Legal Databases (Mirela Roznovschi, New York University Law Library)
  28. LLRX Resource Center - Foreign & International Law (Law Library Resource Xchange page)
  29. Evaluating Foreign and International Legal Databases on the Internet (Mirela Roznovschi, New York University Law Library)
  30. Sources of International and Foreign Law in English (Jane Williams, University of Illinois College of Law Library)
  31. Researching U.S. Treaties (Marci Hoffman, LLRX, May 15, 2001)
  32. Researching Non-U.S. Treaties (Stefanie Weigmann, LLRX, May 15, 2001)
  33. International Treaty Research (Radu Popa, New York University Law Library)
  34. Guide to International Treaties (Los Angeles County Law Library)
  35. Search Strategies: Researching Treaties and Other International Agreements (Ceceile Kay Richter, Law Library Resource Xchange)
  36. Finding U.S. Treaties (Cardozo Law Library Research Guide)
  37. Fundamentals of Treaty Research: Electronic Resources (Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
  38. Marylin J. Raisch & Gail Partin, Update to International Criminal Law: A Selective Resource Guide (, October 15, 2001)
  39. NEW!War Crimes: Resources and Research Steps (Sandra J. Lamar, New England School of Law Library, April 1999; see also War Crimes Resources on the Internet)
  40. Gunnar Theissen, International Internet Bibliography on Transitional Justice (includes link to the Transitional Justice Project of the University of the Western Cape, Faculty of Law, South Africa, and Humboldt University of Berlin)
  41. Boalt Express: Document Delivery and Research Service (University of California, Berkeley; strong international law collections)
  42. Spicers Centre for Europe (European Union Authorised Document Delivery Service)
  43. Researching International Economic Law (Timothy F. Mulligan, June 28, 2000, O'Quinn Law Library, University of Houston Law Center)
  44. International Economic Law (Jean M. Wenger, ASIL Guide to ELectronic Resources for International Law, October 6, 2000; covers International Trade Law, International Financial Law, Regional Economic Integration, Private International Law, International Business Regulation, and Intellectual Property Law)
  45. Researching Intellectual Property Law in an International Context (Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX) feature article, March 1, 2000; by Stefanie Weigmann, Boston University School of Law, Boston University School of Law; includes "primary and secondary hard copy materials, as well as a wealth of Web links encompassing more than 65 countries, sponsored by state and private organizations"; see also November 1, 2000 update)
  46. Intellectual Property Research Guide (by Nicholas Pengelley, Centre for Innovation Law and Policy Librarian, Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto; focus on Canadian law, but with information on international intellectual property law resources)
  47. Jean M. Wenger, International Commercial Arbitration: Locating the Resources (June 1, 2000; via Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX))
  48. Eye on International Business Law (Guido Zoellner, Institut für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht = Institute for International Business Law, Universität Münster)
  49. Guide to International Trade Sources on the Internet (Marci Hoffman, Law Library Resource Xchange, December 1, 1998; see January 3, 2000 update)
  50. Trade Winds Across the Plains: International Trade Resources in the Information Age (Jean M. Wenger, LibraryFest MidWest, October 8, 1998, Milwaukee, Wisconsin). Was at
  51. International Trade Resources (Jon Haveman, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University; see also Researching Companies on the Internet)
  52. "International Law", Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
  53. "International Trade", in Encyclopedia of Law and Economics (Alan O. Sykes; general background paper and survey of the law and economics literature on international trade topics)
  54. Researching International Intellectual Property Law: Internet Resources (Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
  55. Background Sources on Human Rights:
  56. Researching International Human Rights Law (Marci Hoffman, Georgetown University Law Center)
  57. GUIDE III: International Protection of Human Rights (Marylin J. Raisch, Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto)
  58. The Rights International Research Guide for International Human Rights Lawyers (Stephen J. Schnably)
  59. International Human Rights Law and Article 38(1) of the Statute of the International Court of Justice (Steven C. Perkins)
  60. Human Rights Reference Handbook (2d ed, The Hague: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1999)(ISBN 90-5328-227-0). 203p. Available as a PDF file linked to from the Ministry's Handboek Mensenrechten page.
  61. Human Rights Explained: A Guide to Human Rights in Australia in a Global Context (Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC), 1999; includes "Human Rights on the Internet" research guide with links to web sites)
  62. Human Rights on the Internet: Sites That Encourage Activism (Elisa Mason for the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), September 1999)
  63. Concise Guide to Human Rights on the Internet (Margarita Lacabe, 2d ed., September 1998; see also the Derechos Human Rights Directory of Human Rights Links)
  64. International Human Rights Resources on the Web (Patti Ogden, Kresge Law Library, University of Notre Dame Law School, July 1997)
  65. The Guiding Principles of the 21st Century: The 50 Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Marci Hoffman, University of Minnesota Law Library, for the American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA, July 12, 1998; includes links to key human rights research resources)
  66. Bibliography for Research on International Human Rights Law (University of Minnesota; Marci Hoffman & David Weissbrodt)
  67. Guide to Human Rights Research (Harvard Human Rights Program; Jack Tobin)
  68. United Nations Documentation: Research Guide: Special Topics: Human Rights (UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library)
  69. International Human Rights Cases/Decisions (Cardozo Law Library Research Guide)
  70. Women's Human Rights Resources (University of Toronto, Canada; including a select bibliography by Rebecca J. Cook and Valerie L. Oosterveld)
  71. Researching Indigenous Peoples Rights Under International Law (Steven C. Perkins)
  72. Foreign & International Guides: World Trade Organization (Harvard Law School Library)
  73. WTO/GATT Research (Jeanne Rehberg, Law Library Resource Xchange, October 15, 1999; Updated September 3, 2001))
  74. From the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade to the World Trade Organization: An Overview for Georgetown University Law Center Students (originally prepared by Ellen Schaffer; revised and expanded by the International and Foreign Law Department; updated December 2000)
  75. World Trade Organization (WTO panel decisions)
  76. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG): Guide to Research and Literature (Claire M. Germain)
  77. Germain's International Court of Justice Research Guide (ICJ; Claire M. Germain)
  78. International Labour Organization (ILO) Research Guide (Charlotte Bynum)
  79. International Commercial Arbitration: Resources in Print and Electronic Format (Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
  80. United Nations Documentation: A Research Guide (UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library)
  81. United Nations Scholars WorkStation (Yale University)
  82. Guide to Researching the Council of Europe (Anne Burnett, Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX), April 17, 2000)
  83. Guide to European Union Legal Research (Jeanette Yackle & Stephen Wiles; issued as Harvard Jean Monnet Chair Paper Series, No. 8/97)
  84. The Nuts and Bolts of European Union Law Research (Jean Wenger)
  85. European Union Law (Marylin Raisch's guide)
  86. European Information (Patrick Overy's excellent guide with links on European Union law sources)
  87. Researching the European Union (Barbara Sloan & Ann R. Sweeney, Delegation of the European Commission to the United States)
  88. A Citation Manual for European Community Materials (Fordham University)
  89. The EU and Human Rights (Academy of European Law; includes the full text of the Final Project Report and the Human Rights Agenda for the European Union for the Year 2000; see also background info on An EU Human Rights Agenda for the Year 2000 and print publications: Leading By Example: A Human Rights Agenda for the European Union for the Year 2000: Agenda of the Comité des Sages and Final Project Report (Florence: European University Institute, 1998); Philip Alston, The EU and Human Rights (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming May 1999)(ISBN 0198298064))
  90. Europe on the Internet (Ian Thomson)
  91. Accessing European Parliament Documentation - 1996 Edition (John Tomlinson)
  92. European Union Internet Resources (Andrea Sevetson, University of California, Berkeley, Library)
  93. EuroInternet (Michael Nentwich)
  94. History of European Integration (Leiden University, Historical Institute; links to full texts of historical documents)
  95. European Legal Information Network ("European Union Law" page of EUROLI.NET - a subscription-database on European Community law and institutions, managed by the Institute of Baltic Studies in co-operation with the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (Eur-OP) and the multi-country distance education programme of the European Training Foundation; includes CELEX).
  96. Bibliographies and Guides (Sally Kelley, Young Law Library, National Center for Agricultural Law Research and Information (NCALRI), University of Arkansas; International Environmental Law, Comparative and Foreign Law, Public International Law, International Business Law, International Trade Law, European Union)
  97. Research: International (Stefanie Weigman, Pappas Law Library, Boston University School of Law; includes guide, bibliography, and "webography" on Treaty Research, Researching Other Sources of International Law, Researching IGOs: UN/OAS/OAU/ASEAN, Researching European Institutions, Researching Human Rights Law, Researching International Trade Law)
  98. Research Guides (Duke University School of Law Library; Canadian and English Law, Council of Europe, EU, GATT, NAFTA, Foreign and Comparative Law, Treaties, UN, etc.)
  99. Foreign and International Law Research Guides (Harvard Law School Library; EU, ICJ/PCIJ, WTO/GATT, NAFTA, UN, Treaty Law, Islamic Law, French Law, etc.)
  100. FCIL Newsletter (Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries)
  101. FCIL SIS Clearinghouse for Internships and International Personnel Exchanges (webpage contains a list of law libraries that are willing to participate in exchanges and testimonials from law librarians who have gone on exchanges)
  102. Researching Careers in International Law: Resources in Print and Electronic Format (Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
  103. Sexuality, Gender, and the Law: National and International (Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
  104. Researching International Law (Lyonette Louis-Jacques - INT-LAW posting of 16 October, 1996)
  105. Researching Foreign Law (Lyonette Louis-Jacques - INT-LAW posting of 28 October 1996)
  106. Foreign Law: Legal Research Resources on the Internet (Lyonette Louis-Jacques; includes special links to Asylum and Refugee Law and Children's Rights)
  107. Normann Witzleb, Dieter Martiny, Ulrich Thoelke, & Tim Frericks, Comparative Law and the Internet, vol. 3.2 ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LAW, (October 1999), (the article "presents the most important links to resources on uniform law, comparative law, private international law, European Union Law as well as legal material and related information on more than twenty European jurisdictions, the USA, Israel and Australia")
  108. Foreign Primary Law on the Web (Timothy F. Mulligan)
  109. Ukraine: Legal Materials in English: A Bibliography (Marta Tarnawsky; lists books and articles on Ukrainian law, and contains citations of English translations of Ukrainian legislation, including treaties)
  110. Legal Research Using the Internet (Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
  111. What Every International Lawyer Should Know About The Internet, Its Resources & Risks (Joseph Jacobson, Continuing Legal Education program for the International Law Section of the Dallas Bar Association, July 15, 1997)
  112. Information for Lawyers on the Internet (Juridische Bibliotheek, Universiteit Utrecht)
  113. The Practicing Attorney's Home Page (Peter Krakaur; includes Legal Ethics information)
  114. The Internet Lawyer (Josh Blackman; includes links to "How to Find Anything on the Net", "Fact-Finding Research", "Cool Sites for Lawyers", and "Legal Research" on the Internet generally)
  115. The Compleat Internet Researcher: Advanced Strategies and Techniques (AALL conference workshop materials by Donald A. Arndt, Elliot C. Chabot, Mary E. Cornaby, Kenneth S. Kozlowski, Sheri H. Lewis, and Genie Tyburski)
  116. The Annotated Guide to Resources for Legal Professionals (Genie Tyburski; part of The Virtual Chase: A Research Site for Legal Professionals; was at
  117. Internet Research for Legal Professionals (Genie Tyburski; formerly "Internet Skills and Strategies for the Legal Researcher"; includes links to finding international and foreign law)
  118. Finding Legal Information on the Internet: Meta-Sites & Search Engines (Cindy Chick; PowerPoint presentation at Legal Tech, Los Angeles, June 24, 1998)
  119. Research on the Internet: What Works, What Doesn't and Finding Law-Related Internet Resources (updated June 5, 1999; Cindy Chick; at the Law Library Resource Xchange)
  120. Conducting Legal Research on the World Wide Web (Michael Geist)
  121. LAWLINKS: Legal Information on the Internet (Sarah Carter; was at until April 2000)
  122. The Legal List: Research on the Internet (Diana Botluk; previous editions by Erik J. Heels, author of new Internet resources column of Law Practice Management magazine)
  123. Internet Legal Research (Bradley J. Hillis)
  124. List of Law-Related Internet Books and Newsletters: North America (G. Burgess Allison)
  125. List of Law-Related Internet Books and Newsletters: International (G. Burgess Allison)
  126. Reference Books and Articles on Legal Research on the Internet (Makoto Ibusuki; a section of his World List: Non-U.S. Law Related Resources for Internet Users - covers over 70 countries)
  127. Internet Catalogs and Search Engines (Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista, Google, Infoseek, etc.)
  128. Makoto Ibusuki, Internet: Gateway to the Foreign Law (ISBN 4-535-51126-8)(in Japanese; includes URLs for sources of national law worldwide)
  129. Print Research Guides on International Law:

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