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Foreign Law: Comparative Guides / Multiple Country Resources

General Guides

Child Refugees

Child Prostitution/Sexual Exploitation

Children in Armed Conflicts

Child Slavery

Child Labor

Other Topics

Foreign Law: National Government Web Sites

Foreign Law: Individual Countries

Foreign Law: Bilateral Treaties - By Country

Foreign Law: Bilateral Treaties - By Subject

Foreign Law: Topical Research

Immigration, Asylum, and Refugee Law

Foreign Law: Databases

Foreign Law: News Sources

Foreign Law: Listservs and Newsgroups

Foreign Law: Major Libraries & Collections

Foreign Law: Library Catalogs and Web Sites

Foreign Law: Publishers, Vendors, Dealers

Foreign Law: Journals and Newsletters

Foreign Law: Journal Indexes

Foreign Law: Organizations

Foreign Law: Directories

Foreign Law: Research Guides

Foreign Law: Key Print Resources

Foreign Law: Out-of-Print/Antiquariat/Rare Book Dealers

  • Christopher Verbeke
  • A. Gerits & Son b.v. (Antiquarian Booksellers)
  • Others
    Databases of oop books for sale:
    Directories of used & antiquarian booksellers: (can also search dealer catalogs from here; web
    site of the Antiquarian Booksellers of America Association) (AcqWeb-has some
    foreign-language dealers listed) (has a pretty big list of
    non-English-language dealers)

    Foreign Law: Non-Legal Resources/Legal Reference

    Foreign Law: Internet Search Engines

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