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William B. McCloy, "Korean Legal Research - Selected Resources" (as part of program F-6, A Current Appraisal of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Legal Research, 2004 Annual Meeting of the American Association Association of Law Libraries (AALL), Boston, Massachusetts)


Korean Legal Research at the University of Washington (2004)


Heija B. Ryoo, "Korean Legal Research Resources on the Internet" (Southern Illinois University School of Law Library, 2003)


"Korean Legal Materials" (Center for Korean Legal Studies, Columbia Law School)

Charlotte Bynum, "Korean Legal Research in the Cornell Law Library"


Jane Macoustra, "A Web Guide to Free Legal and Compliance Resources on the Asia Pacific Region" (Korea)


Guide to Law Online: Korea (Law Library of Congress)


International Economic Law Links for Korea






Kwanbo (official gazette of laws of the Republic of Korea; online beginning with 2000)


Economic Laws on Foreign Investment in Korea

XXKPA3202.A28 2004 D'Angelo Law Library


Statutes of the Republic of Korea (Korean Legislation Research Institute)

KPA 13 1997 Northwestern University Law Library: N,HKO (request via CLAS/ILL)


v. 1. Constitution, National Assembly, election and political party, administration in general, public official, foreign affairs -- v. 2. Court, judicial affairs, police -- v. 3. Civil affairs -- v. 4. Commercial affairs, crimes and criminal procedure -- v. 5. Local government -- v. 6. Civil defence and firefighting, military affairs, conscription affairs, patriots and veterans affairs -- v. 7. Education and academy, culture and public relations -- v. 8. Finance and economy in general -- v. 9-10. National tax --
v. 11. Currency, state bond and banking -- v. 12. Science and technology, agriculture, livestock and forest -- v. 13. Commerce, trade and industry -- v. 14. Industrial standards and measures, industrial property, energy utilization and mining, electricity and gas -- v. 15. Territorial development, land, road and water resources -- v. 16. Town, housing, building and construction, information and telecommunication -- v. 17. Health, medical and pharmaceutical affairs, social welfare -- v. 18. Environment -- v. 19. Labor, sports and tourism -- v. 20. Land transportation and aviation, marine, fishery.






The First Ten Years of the Korean Constitutional Court: 1988-1998 (2001)

XXKPA2620.A49 2001a D'Angelo Law Library

(Translation of: Hŏnpŏp Chaepʻanso 10-yŏnsa)


Decisions of the Korean Constitutional Court (1998-date)

(also called Korean Constitutional Court Reports)


Hagŭpsim pangyŏlchip

XXKPA19.A36 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK


Taebŏbwŏn pʻallyejip

XXKPA18.A3K6a Regenstein, East Asian/CJK


Haengjong simpan ui iron kwa silche (administrative procedure cases)
XXKPA2764.A4 2002 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK

Chegyue jongni ihon pallye : taebobwon, haupsim (divorce cases)

XXKPA558.A49 2002 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK


Hanguk sahoe pojang pallye, sarye yoyakchip (social security case digests)

XXKPA1472.Y25 2003 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK

Kodung pobwon pallye saeginjip. kibon yukpobpyon (1986) (index to appeals court rulings)

Regenstein, East Asian/CJK (in process)


Kodung Pobwon pallyjip, 1948-1960. Hyongsa tukpyolpyon (criminal law and appellate procedure cases)

XXKPA3796.5 1986 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK


Kodung Pobwon pallyejip, 1948-1960. Minsapyon (civil law and appellate procedure cases)

XXKPA496.5 1986 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK


Kullo kijunpop : pallye haebu, chomun haesol (labor cases)

XXKPA1270.K565 1996 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK


Publications owned by the Library of Congress:


Taebobwon Changso mongnok


Hanguk pobsahak nonjo mongnok, 1945-1990


Choson Chongdokpu pomnyong saryo


Choson chongdokpu kwanbo chongsaegin






KISS: Korean Knowledge Information Services (Hanguk Haksul Chongbowon)

(subscription-based, and available to U of C; full text journals; Korean search interface)


Keris (Hanguk Kyoyuk Haksul Chongbowon / Seoul National University Law Library)